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You may have noticed, some of the pages, principally in this “blog” section, now have the ability to comment. To take advantage of this, you simply click the Log In link that’s presented, and either login, or follow the information to…

New Loc Sec Intro and Message

Hello All. As the new Loc Sec, I simply wanted to say hello, and to say that I am very honored to serve this amazing group of people. I also wanted to give you a bit of my vision for the coming year.

Sarasota Scrabblers, Permanent location change

Announcements:   This permanent change-of-address for the Sarasota Scrabblers was too late to go into the March's The 4m: Sarasota Scrabblers is now at The Clever Cup Cafe , 6530 Gateway Ave. at 1:30 pm They serve specialty Teas, Coffees, homemade...

Evaluators Needed to Read Scholarship Essays

You may have received this. Scholarship Chair, Linda Hathaway, informs us that the local Mensa Scholarship decision period begins. And asks us to read the essays, and weigh in on whom you think is a worthy choice. Contact us to be put in touch. The...

American Mensa’s New Executive Director

On behalf of the American Mensa Committee, I'm proud to announce the selection of Trevor Mitchell as American Mensa’s new Executive Director. The AMC is thrilled with this choice — the leadership Trevor has demonstrated is just what Mensa needs as we...

Net Neutrality, and discussion.

Much discussion (read, uproar) currently surrounds the discussion of “Net Neutrality” — or more specifically, the roll back of the eighteen-month law.